bead blast stainless steel

A wide variety of finishes are available for the different metals, some examples have been given below. However please contact us with your specific finishing requirements so that we can offer advice.


anodised aluminiumAluminium can be anodized in a variety of colours the most common being natural (silver), red and blue. Alternatively small parts can be plated in a variety of finishes including electro nickel, bright nickel, bright chrome, tin and silver. Larger items can be powdercoated in a vast array of colours or a satin polish applied.

Mild Steel

bronze powder coated mild steelMild steel can have a red zinc oxide undercoat applied, this is commonly used for structural steelwork particularly beams. Alternatively it can be hot dipped galvanised or hot zinc sprayed to protect it from the elements. Mild steel is often powdercoated in a very wide range of colours (including metallic colours).

blackened and waxed mild steelSmaller items can also be plated in a variety of finishes including electro nickel, bright nickel, and bright chrome. We have worked on a number of high end projects requiring patinated and waxed mild steel, which give the metal a beautiful, organic aged patina. The steel requires oiling and waxing (Renaissance Wax is preferred) afterwards, and then regular waxing at intervals to maintain its appearance.

Stainless steel

bead blast stainless steelStainless steel can be brushed polished to give a satin finish or highly polished to a bright and reflective finish similar to chrome. It could have a bead blast finish applied to obtain a soft industrial lustre. Stainless steel can also be electro polished, which is used especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries as it provides a high standard of cleanliness. Sometimes it is used for the stainless steel rails of boats.


bright polish brassBrass can be bright, mirror or satin polished and a lacquer applied to prevent tarnishing. It can also be patinated using chemical process to give an aged patina. Smaller items can be plated in a variety of finishes.