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mild steel

PMF Metalwork – Mild Steel Fire Escape – Mild Steel Garden
Sculpture – Mild Steel Spine for Staircase

Mild steel and bright mild steel are available in many different forms to suit different metal fabrication and sheet metalwork requirements.

Sheet and plate is available either cold rolled (up to 3mm thick) or hot rolled. Light re-rolled products include angles, flats, squares, rounds, half rounds & tees, and heavy angles & tees. Structural sections include universal beams & columns, rolled steel joists and parallel flange channels.

Variations in carbon content has the greatest effect on mechanical properties on mild steel, with increasing carbon content leading to increased hardness and strength. Carbon steels are generally categorized according to their carbon content. Generally speaking, carbon steels contain up to 2% total alloying elements and can be subdivided into low-carbon steels, medium-carbon steels, high-carbon steels, and ultra high-carbon steels.

A wide variety of finishes for black mild and bright mild steel are available please refer to our finishes page for full details.

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